germany_round_icon_640russia_round_icon_640united_kingdom_round_icon_640In my works, I have no claim to convince somebody of something, suggest something or attract somebody’s attention to something.

In a manner of speaking, my paintings rather whisper than cry aloud. Listening carefully to this whisper might incite one to contemplate…
…contemplate on the mercurial nature of darkness and light, on the blending of the old & withered with the living & blossoming, on the coexistence of the fluctuating and the perpetual. There is no [rather, should not necessarily be a] single and appropriate definition or any unique message conveyed by my artwork- each beholder is free to arrive upon his own, depending on his interpretation and state of mind.

I love to paint still lives, and the meaning of the word itself, i.e., nature morte, is very appealing to me. I find each composition for a still life as a small universe in itself, with its own heroes and their interactions. These interactions, I try to depict with colour and line. While drawing flowers, I attempt to capture their specific character and their delicate elegance.
Most of all, my works would not have achieved their purpose, if they fail to divert the beholder’s attention, even if for a moment, from the global and incessant problems, commotion and stress of the mundane, and aid him to admire the colourfulness and tenderness of the trifles of our surroundings yet another time.

“Paintings are emotions, a flow of energy, which is expressed in matter with the aid of colours and lines. Art is nothing but a  play with reality…”

Anna Krishnan